About us

Founded in 1989, Nurses Choice Corporation supplies over 2,200 hospitals and health organizations nationwide. Nurses Choice is committed to producing innovative, specialty textiles and providing exceptional customer service. In addition to offering superior quality materials, product pricing is easily affordable and most items are shipped in one business day. Nurses Choice is able to meet even a small facility’s requirements by accepting orders for reduced quantities, as needed.

Nurses Choice prides itself in its long-lasting, successful relationships. We are constantly developing new products, or enhancing existing products, to provide optimal care to patients. Our company holds a high standard for quality and ensures that every item in the Nurses Choice line will exceed expectations. With Nurses Choice, hospitals and health organizations nationwide can feel confident and excited about their product decision.

Custom products and colors are available for large hospitals or health  organizations. Please call for more information 1-800-747-7076.

*We make ordering easy by offering same day shipping and we accept purchase orders via phone, fax, and EDI.*

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